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If We Don't Raise Our Voice About Climate Change, No One Will Do It For Us

By Noëlla Nsamwa

“The facts are known, but our leaders seem immune to them.”

CliMates is an international, student-led think-and-do-tank working on climate change. Since one of our strengths is to unite young people from very diverse places, we wanted to tell the same story from two different corners of the world: we are Aglaé Jézéquel, 22, a French climatologist-to-be and Noella Nsamwa, 23, a Congolese paralegal student currently living in the U.S. Both of us are committed to giving climate change the importance it deserves in international debates.

For me, Aglaé, climate change was, at first, a physics story. During most of my …read more

Source: Huffington Post Green