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This Honolulu Chicken Plays The Piano, Scoffs At Birdbrain Reputation

By Chloe Fox

Chickens get a bad rap. They run around with their heads cut off, they “chicken out” of things, and they cross the road for numerous unfunny reasons.

But apparently we’ve been underestimating their intelligence all along, and one Honolulu Zoo keeper set out to prove it.

“Chickens are so underrated because everybody thinks chickens can’t learn anything,” Miki Nagatoshi told KITV. “All they’re good for is, ya know, to eat and lay eggs. But, we’re here to prove them wrong.”

Using positive reinforcement techniques, Nagatoshi trained Hawk, an eager-to-learn hen, how to ring a bell, jump through a hoop, …read more

Source: Huffington Post Green