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This Paralyzed Dog Was Left To Die On The Streets In Mexico. Now He's Someone's 'Kid' In LA

By Megan Griffo

Jf Pryor raised his hand in the hair — shot it up, really — when he first saw a picture of Thor, a 2-year-old boxer-bulldog mix who was left to die on the streets of Rosarito, Mexico.

“It was like I was the biggest nerd sitting in front of the teacher, saying, ‘Pick me! Pick me!'” Pryor told The Huffington Post. “I wanted that kid. I had to save him.”

Thor is paralyzed in his hind legs. When a young woman first came across him on Jan. 15, he was dragging himself along a road, “infested, sick, and dying,” Pryor said. She …read more

Source: Huffington Post Green